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  Company History  
  Company HistoryRedpoint Engineering, LLC was founded in 2002 by 3 mechanical engineers who previously worked together at Hughes Network Systems. Prior to that some of the partners worked for many years at Bell Labs and Motorola. After many years in a big company environment we finally decided to strike out on our own and offer our services to the world at large. We started by establishing a VPN which has allowed us to put together teams and work with customers as if we were all under one roof. In 2005 we opened our base office in Rancho Bernardo. In 2010, to accommodate our growth and better serve our clients, we moved our office to Ranch Bernardo. Our vision has been to give our customers the benefits of the disciplined big company engineering approach with a small responsive custom tailored team.

Our mission is to help our clients create successful products through excellence in mechanical engineering. Through the effective use of web-based tools we routinely serve clients throughout the United States as well as in our home location of San Diego, CA.
Redpoint Engineering offers it’s clients customized services to meet their product development needs. We would like you to think of us as your own mechanical engineering department, but without the commitment and overhead associated with internal staffing. From our own staff and extended network of talented, experienced, hard-working engineers, designers, and specialized suppliers, we will assemble a project team for you. The makeup of each team is dynamic, so you utilize (and pay for) only the resources needed at each phase of the project.

It is an explicit policy of Redpoint Engineering to use only experienced mechanical engineers. We will never ask the client to pay for the "growth" or training of an inexperienced practitioner. Our people have collectively over 80 years of experience in the mechanical design of products in such diverse areas as telecommunications, consumer electronics, medical devices, toys and outdoor recreational and industrial equipment. Fortunately mechanical engineering skills are highly portable across industry sectors.
K. H. Chong
A mechanical engineer with superior design skills and over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry. He has true expertise in designing with plastics and exotic materials.
Larry Gach
Over 40 years experience in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and project management. He manages the business of Redpoint Engineering and provides creative solutions to our clients’ business issues.
Aaron Palumbo
A mechanical engineer with 12 years experience in design and analysis of electronics packaging. A strong emphasis on process issues and information technology as they apply to mechanical design.
As your outsourced mechanical engineering department, Redpoint can save you time and money by delivering dynamic project teams with experienced engineers for just the roles you require.
Call for a free consultation to discuss your team requirements.
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Think of us as your Mechanical Engineering Department
Each project team is dynamic. Utilize only the resources needed. Never pay for inexperienced practitioners.
Each project team is dynamic. Utilize only the resources needed. Never pay for inexperienced practitioners.
Over 80 years of combined experience in the mechanical design of products and across industry sectors.