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  Industrial Design  
  Redpoint Engineering offers two different approaches to industrial design. They both start with the premise that the product’s functionality is paramount, and that form follows function. We call that our inside-out design approach, as opposed to the outside-in approach often practiced by conventional industrial design firms. Depending on the project we work in either of two ways to execute this approach:  
  ID Partners  - Successful Transitions are Assured!  
  We sometimes partner with an industrial designer. We have access to a few good ones that we have worked successfully with in the past. A successful transition from industrial design to detailed mechanical design is assured because our " ID partners" are carefully chosen and we follow tried and true processes with them.  
  ID Lite - Many Products Don't Require a Costly ID Phase!  
  We have the internal resources to execute an approach that we like to call "ID Lite." By that we mean that we perform the cosmetic design to give the product a pleasing appearance, but it is not the full blown ID treatment that an ID firm would do. Many products don’t require a costly ID phase to assure their success, and ID Lite saves the client that cost. We are proud of the products that we have developed this way; it is an option worth considering.  
With our proven "Inside-Out" design approach, we perform the cosmetic design of your product and help save you money by working together with Industrial Designer partners while assuring a successful transition and reducing the costly ID phase. Contact Us today for a free consultation.
  Parts Sourcing  
  Redpoint Engineering designs a lot of parts; plastic parts, sheet metal parts, castings, rubber parts, machinings, etc. To serve our clients we have built a network of "best in class" suppliers for these parts.  
  Parts - Our Network of Domestic & Offshore Suppliers!  
  Our network of suppliers provide prototype parts and production parts from domestic sources and offshore sources. We are happy to make sourcing recommendations to our clients, and, if the client wishes, we can even perform the sourcing function and provide the parts to the client. Our position as the designer of parts for many clients often enables us to obtain better cost and delivery from the suppliers than the clients could obtain on their own.  
Redpoint Engineering can offer sourcing recommendations or you can utilize our network of best-in-class domestic and offshore suppliers. We can even perform the sourcing functions and provide the parts to you. Contact Us today to see how we can save you time and money!
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At the concept level, Redpoint worked very well with us as an integrated team. Starting with the bare requirements, Redpoint helped us define the product. Gene Davis, Director of Product Development, Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.
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