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  Mechanical Engineering  
  Redpoint Engineering differentiates itself from its competitors in each of these areas: People, Processes, Tools and Services.  
  Processes - Proven Methods & Flexible Processes!  
  Our staff consists of experienced mechanical engineers and designers exclusively. We never impose the cost of training or the risk of an inexperienced staff on the client.  
  Our people are leaders in their fields. We can verify this claim.  
    We take the statement in our logo, "your Mechanical Design Team" seriously. We integrate well with our clients’ internal staffs.  
  People - Exclusively Mechanical Engineers & Designers!  
  We contribute to our clients’ product innovation by constructively and creatively challenging the requirements given to us. Our contributions to the design process, therefore, go beyond simply executing others’ designs.  
  We have developed a design process that combines the best features of a small company environment with the mature processes gleaned from our large company backgrounds.  
  We are not slaves to our standard process. We have the flexibility to adapt to our clients internal processes and individual needs.  
  We actively find ways to reduce development risk. We apply our extensive experience to selectively use analysis and testing to support our design work, and thereby define a low risk path to product design. Reduced risk translates to lower project cost and shorter time to market.  
    We are skilled at executing the critical handoff between Industrial Design and detailed mechanical design.  
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  Tools - State-of-the-art Tools & Best-in-class Suppliers!  
  We use both ProENGINEER and Solidworks CAD systems. We are thus able to choose the best option for the client’s project.  
  We use FEA and CFD tools to support our design work with structural and thermal analysis as needed.  
  We actively use the database management tools ProIntralink and PDMWorks to provide better documentation of the design history of our products than our competitors do.  
  We have a custom VPN that allows us to access our servers remotely. This allows us to work on customer premises when necessary.  
    We use eDrawings and Gotomeeting.com to conduct frequent design reviews with our clients. We have found that these tools enable us and our clients to communicate effectively without the need for expensive and time-consuming travel.  
    We believe that a network of specialized "best-in-class" suppliers for prototype and production mechanical parts is better than trying to stay up-to-date with seldom used and poorly maintained internal facilities, and, as a consequence, we produce better parts for our clients. And the client doesn’t bear the cost of the overhead for the internal shops.  
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  Services - We Can Help Your Project in Different Ways!  
  Industrial Design  
  Mechanical Design using multiple CAD systems  
  Thermal and Structural Analysis  
  Product Testing  
  User-friendly Documentation  
  Rapid Prototyping  
  Project Management  
  Supplier Sourcing  
  Custom Parts Tooling  
    Parts Supply  
Redpoint Engineering exclusively staffs experienced mechanical engineers and designers, has proven methods and flexible processes, and uses state-of-the-art tools and the best-in-class suppliers. Contact Us today for a free consultation!
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Hear What Others Are Saying
The Redpoint guys functioned as part of our project team, and were invaluable in performing the mechanical design of our latest products. Micah Gaither, Project Engineer, Tachyon, Inc.
Hear What Others Are Saying
They (Redpoint) produced an excellent design on a tight schedule. We built a strong working relationship very quickly. David Morelock, Industrial Design Engineer, Mad Catz, Inc.
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